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Sunergy Renewables are a leading company in providing solar panel for homes, we are here to help you save money while also minimising your carbon footprint. Our expert team of technicians can install solar panels in your home, which enables you to harness energy from the sun rather than relying on traditional fossil fuel-based energy sources.

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4kW Solar PV Grid Tied System

£5,500 Fully Installed

10 Longi HiMo 405w Solar Panels
SolaX Power 3.6kW Inverter
WiFi Remote Monitoring
25 Year Warranty
Leading Tier 1 Brands
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LiFePO4 Batteries

4kW Solar PV Installation With 6kWh Battery Storage

£8,500 Fully Installed

10 Longi HiMo 405w Solar Panels
SolaX Power 3.7kW Hybrid Inverter
WiFi Remote Monitoring
25 Year Warranty
Leading Tier 1 Brands
High-Voltage Batteries
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Our Solar Panel Packages Come Complete With Battery Storage & Solar Inverter

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Solar PV & Battery Storage Visualised

Solar PV & Battery Storage Visualised

There are many reasons why you would install a battery storage system in your home. If you have PV only, then you would be exporting up to 80% of that energy back to the grid. This is your energy that you would have generated for free – and you paid for generating that energy regardless of whether you use it or export it. By storing this surplus power for use later in the day you can increase ‘self-consumption’ to in excess of 80%, drastically reducing your reliance on the grid and driving down your energy bills. Adding battery storage to a solar panel system is a logical decision for anybody who is looking to save some money.

Reduce Energy Bills By Up To 80%

With the unit cost of electricity now in excess of 30p/kWh for many, generating your own, free electricity can result in significant bill savings. Typically our customers see a reduction in up to 80% on their electricity costs by installing solar pv.

Add Value To Your Home With Solar

Not only will you make instant savings by installing solar pv on your home in a reduction in electric costs, you will also make money if you ever come to sell your home, Research from Admiral Money recently found solar panels can boost a property's value by as much as 25%

Source – Admiral Money

Earn Money From Exporting Solar Power

Increase the financial benefits by taking advantage of new tariffs like Octopus Flux, you need a battery to qualify however Octopus will pay you to export power back to the grid during peak hours, they also offer you a reduced rate at night that you can use to charge your batteries with!

Reduce bills

Solar PV combined with battery storage will drastically reduce energy costs.

Smartphone app

Monitor your system from your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world

Power cut protection

Our systems have the option for emergency power supply, meaning you will be protected from power cuts.

Price protection

Energy prices are continuing to rise, solar batteries protect you from any price increases.

Recieve Exports

Providers such as Octopus are now paying customers to export power back to grid.

Suitable for everyone

If you cant have solar installed or don't want it, scratch your green itch with a battery only system, save money with off-peak rates and reduce carbon footprint too.

Access cheap rate energy

Charge your batteries up overnight using a cheap rate tariff such as Octopus Go or economy 7.

Common Solar PV Questions

Here are some of the common solar pv frequently asked questions that we at Sunergy Renewables get asked. If you have any further questions or queries that you cannot find the answer to, please do not hesitate to call us and one of our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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Our solar team have absolutely zero financial motivation to push particular products because their salaries are not commission based. We formed Sunergy to offer customers a genuinely informed choice. We’re committed to remaining 100% impartial and can install any Solar PV products on the market. And frequently do – because every home and every business is different.

Your inverter monitors grid voltage and ensures that it is putting the power from your inverter into your system at a slightly higher voltage than the grid. Voltage is best thought of as pressure, the force behind the electric. If the inverter produces a higher voltage when you switch an electrical appliance on it will naturally use the power from the panels first.

Sunergy Renewables use Easy PV software to accurately calculate your expected output. Easy PV accurately takes in to account panel performance, inverter performance, shading, roof pitch, roof orientation and your local weather data to calculate how much electric you will generate.  We then include these figures and how much money you are likely to earn, based on your usual usage and the amount that will be returned to the grid.

You will simply draw from the grid in the normal way. But remember, it doesn’t have to be sunny to generate electricity. If you have incorporated battery storage, you will then use your stored battery power.

On homes, for standard installations, the brackets used fix to the rafters of your roof which ensures the fabric is free from loadings. However, new developments in solar technology now mean you can build your roof entirely out of solar material or solar tiles that look like part of your roof.

Commercial roofs vary in construction and there are many different mounting solutions for every different scenario. At Sunergy  Renewables, we’re used to dealing with complex or unusual installations. Test us!

No, Solar PV panels work on light and all roofs have light shining on them. Many customers have fitted east/west facing systems and typically generate around 86% of an equivalent south-facing roof.

Our systems come with a full 10 year warranty.

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