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Store your excess solar power into a battery during the day and use through the evening and into the night, making the most of your solar power system. If you already have panels, you can easily retrofit battery storage to your existing set up making it easy to store any surplus energy.

Popular Battery Storage Systems

There is no such thing as a one size fits all battery storage system, here at Sunergy Renewables our team will work with you to ensure we are quoting the correct battery size for your requirements, these are just some of the most frequently installed system sizes.

SolaX Power 6kWh AC Battery Storage System

Package includes:

1 x SolaX Power 3.7kW AC Charger
1 x Triple Power Battery BMU
2 x Triple Power 3kWh Batteries
1 x WiFi Monitoring Dongle
Full Installation & Commisioning

Standout features:

Add On To Existing Solar
10 Year Guarantee
WiFi Remote Monitoring
Charge From Grid Capability
Scalable Capacity
Outdoor Install Ready
Emergency Power Supply Ready

FOX-ESS 5.8 kWh Energy Cube Battery Storage System

Package includes:

1 x FOX ESS 3.7kW AC Charger
2 x FOX Cube 2.9kWh Batteries
1 x WiFi Monitoring Dongle
Full Installation & Commisioning

Standout features:

Add On To Existing Solar
10 Year Guarantee
3.7kW Charge / Discharge
WiFi Remote Monitoring
Charge From Grid Capability
Scalable Capacity
View Existing Solar Production Through App

EcoFlow10kWh Power Ocean Battery Storage System

Package includes:

1 x EcoFlow 5kW Inverter
2 x EcoFlow 5kWh Batteries
1 x WiFi Monitoring System
Full Installation & Commisioning

Standout features:

Add On To Existing Solar
15 Year Warranty
5kW Charge / Discharge
Built In Fire Suppression
Charge From Grid Capability
Scalable Capacity
Outdoor Installation Ready
Emergency Power Supply Ready
German Product
Works with any system

Our Battery Storage Systems Work With Any Existing Solar PV System Or By Themselves!

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Battery storage visualised

Battery storage visualised

There are many reasonss why you would install a battery storage system in your home. If you have a PV array already in place, then it is likely that you are exporting up to 55% of that energy back to the grid. This is your energy that you have generated for free – and you get paid for generating that energy regardless of whether you use it or export it. By storing this surplus production for use later in the day you can increase ‘self-consumption’ to in excess of 70%, drastically reducing your reliance on the grid and driving down your energy bills. Adding solar panel battery storage is a logical decision for anybody who is looking to save some money.

Charge from surplus solar

Works with any existing solar pv system on the market

Adding batteries to your existing solar pv system has no bearing on your current feed-in-tariff agreement, you will still get paid on everything that you generate whilst storing your excess energy. Our system also works with any existing inverter on the market today

Charge from cheap energy

Works by itself charging from grid on cheap rate energy

Even better, our storage batteries can be charged directly from the grid, if you have economy 7 or a good time of use tariff you can utilise this window to fill your batteries with cheaper rate electricity and use it when the price is high, doing this can help you save a lot of money on your energy bills

Power cut protection

Our systems have the option for emergency power supply, meaning you will be protected from power cuts.

Smartphone app

Monitor your system from your smartphone, tablet or computer from anywhere in the world

Reduce bills

A battery storage system can dramatically reduce your energy bills.

Price protection

Energy prices are continuing to rise, solar battery systems protect you from any price increases.

FIT unaffected

If you are registered for the FIT, adding batteries will have zero impact on your payments.

Suitable for everyone

Batteries can be installed in any property – with or without solar panels and can be used to store cheap rate energy.

Access cheap rate energy

Charge your batteries up overnight using a cheap rate tariff such as Octopus Go or economy 7.

Common Battery Storage Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about battery storage systems that we at Sunergy Renewables get asked. If you have any further questions or queries that you cannot find the answer to, please do not hesitate to call us and one of our team will be happy to answer your questions.

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Probably the most important question if you have solar, the answer is absolutely not! As our systems fit after the generation meter and are standalone to your existing system, your FIT is not effected.

Battery storage systems work by receiving electricity from the power grid or from solar panels during daylight and store it to release it when needed. The battery converts this stored energy from DC into AC power to store and keep it ready to use for later. By storing energy during the daylight, battery storage systems can keep homes running at peak times.

There are many benefits of solar panel battery storage in your home, here’s just a few:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint – Installing batteries allows you to reduce the need for traditional energy sources such as gas or coal and rely on solar panels to produce your energy to be stored in the batteries for use later.
  • Minimise energy bills – With rising cost of living and energy bills still leaving people out of pocket, its important to see the value in adding a battery storage system to your existing solar panels. By adding batteries to your set up you’ll be able to store any excess energy for use during down periods and reduce the cost of your energy bills.
  • Never go without power – Whether sun is hiding or it’s the middle of a power cut, you’ll always have power with a solar panel battery storage system.

You can install your battery storage system almost anywhere! Our systems are IP65 rated and are not adversely effected by cold temperatures like most on the market, meaning they can go outside. AC storage is flexible, we don't need to install it where your current inverter is, our team will talk you through all installation options.

You are expected over >6000 cycles out of our solar panel battery storage systems, meaning if you did one full charge / discharge everyday that would be 17 years at full capacity.

Yes! Solar inverters are used as part of the battery storage system to help convert DC electricity to AC ensuring that your home is powered safely and effectively.

You can learn more about what are solar inverters and how to pick the best one on our blog.


Yes, there are a few options for this. Automatic whole house changeover, powering critical circuits or a simple double socket connection, meaning your house is always switched on with your battery storage system.

Yes, our battery systems are future proof and can be set to be enable to charge the battery’s with energy delivered from the grid at off peak times, and automatically transfer to battery power at peak times, in the event that TOU’s (time of use tariffs) become popular.

All of our solar panel battery systems come with a full 10 year warranty.

We can accommodate any level of battery storage, all of our battery solutions are expandable. We normally work out an ideal capacity for you based on information provided to us such as your energy consumption.

Sunergy Renewables offer battery storage systems for Businesses as well as Residential homes. Click here to find out more about commercial battery storage.


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