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Here at Sunergy Renewables, we are renewable technology specialists, providing sustainable low carbon energy alternatives for homes and businesses nationwide.

Battery storage for home & business

Battery storage experts for home & business

11.6kWh residential case study we filmed in Falmouth, this property is now running on solar energy around the clock.

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What Sunergy Renewables Can Help You With

These are the core services we offer but are not limited to, if there is something you need but cant see it here, give us a call!

Power your home or business with battery storage

Battery storage is the future of energy, keep your home or business powered with batteries charged full of surplus solar power or from energy bought directly from the grid at a much lower price. Our battery solutions can work with any existing solar pv system on the market today, they are all expandable and have the ability to keep important devices running in the event of a powercut.

Heat your hot water from surplus solar power with a hot water diverter

The Eddi is a new and reliable power diverter that works by using any excess energy your solar pv generates and redirecting it to heat your water tank. By providing your household with hot water and heating its puts otherwise wasted energy to use and helps to make every day that little bit easier. Eddi is compatible with the Tesla Powerwall 2, which makes the power diverter a no brainer for smart homeowners. Eddi also has the added benefit of being tailored so that it observes your systems surplus power and adjusts the voltage accordingly so that it matches the heater load. companies.

Has your old solar inverter failed? We can replace it with a new one complete with a fresh 10 year warranty

A solar panel inverter converts the direct current (DC) electricity produced by your solar panels into alternating current (AC) for your home to use. Most inverters will do this with a 93-96% efficiency, but certain newer types can have an efficiency rating between 97-99%.

The cost of the solar inverter is the biggest cost of a solar panel system after the panels themselves. That’s why you want to make sure you’ve got the best inverter for your budget.

Use surplus solar to charge your car or charge directly from the grid

The SolaX Smart EV Charger has 3 modes, Green Mode, Fast Mode, and ECO Mode. The main purpose of Green mode is to charge the EV with PV energy as much as possible. ECO mode help users to charge their EV with a fixed power while the energy will also from the PV as much as possible. Fast mode will charge the EV at the fastest rate and will import grid electricity if there is insufficient surplus generated power.